What is inside the main kitchen pet?

What is inside the main kitchen pet?

What is inside the main kitchen pet

In this article you can read the content of the refrigerator and find information, which may interest you.

Thermal insulation:

The walls of the cabinet are double the space between the walls is filled with insulating materials: mineral wool, foamedfoamed polystyrene or polyurethane. The power
consumption of the refrigerator depends from the quality of insulation


Products are placed on the refrigerator shelves. Shelves can be trellised, which
facilitates the circulation of air oror glass, which isolate departments from each other.

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On the inside of the doors the additional shelves are located for convenience and place saving. Usually these shelvesshelves are intended for bottles, cans and eggs. Sometimes, on the
refrigerator door can be placed container for beverages with t the outer surface of pipe with a
closure that can be used as a device for coolingcooling and dosing the water. Many refrigerators have removable doors, which allow you to select the direction in which you can open the door.

Door seal:

the seal serves to prevent warm air through the gap between thethe body of the
refrigerator and the door. The device of modern refrigerators has a magnetic insert that helps you to refuse from mechanical locks.

The circulation of air in the chamber:

Refrigerators are available with natural and artificial circulation of air. In this context is often used technology No Frost when the evaporator is
separated from the main chamber and the combined air flows between the evaporator and the
chamber is carried out by a fan. Due to this freezing manages to get rid of cap of frost on the
evaporator by pre-draining air and thawing of frost from the evaporator without raising the
temperature in the chamber. Some refrigerators have special control system for temperature
and humidity.

Automation and electrical equipment:

Household refrigerators typically operate in cycles,
periodically switched on and off. The thermostat controls the moment of switching on and off,
which consists of the thermoses, it may be a mechanical sensor, bellows or electronic, and
temperature controller, which may be mechanical or electronic operating by principle of the
Schmitt trigger. Starter and protective relays are used to ensure proper engine, they are often
combined in one device. Additionally refrigerators can be equipped with defrost, which prevents
frost on evaporator. Low-power lamps are installed to illuminate the refrigerator compartment,
they turn on when a sensor of the door opening activates. Some refrigerators are equipped with
door opening alarm, which is triggered by a timer to prevent the loss of cold air if you forgot to close the refrigerator door. In the shopping refrigerators door sensor is a relative novelty and issued to lock the compressor starting with the open door.

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