Lg P500

Lg P500

Lg P

The LG P is a basic touch screen mobile for the initial users and is also available in much cheaper price in the market yet, it is remarkably nice in look and in its features installed. The body of this mobile phone isis slim and in bar shaped that easily grips in to your hand and you enjoy the comfort while having this phone in your hands. The smart phone is also easy to put in your front and side pockets withoutwithout making any burden while on journey. The size is also . inch, so easily fits in to your pockets and no fear of loss while outside home.

"javascript: wp images fix window.wp images fix function wp images fix this " class " wp-image- alignright" title "Lg P - " src "http://www.hjbtech.com/wp-content/uploads/ / /lg-p - .jpg" alt "Lg P - " width " " height " " />The/>The internal memory is only MB, however, enough for the beginners and those not having love for the selfies and so many video recording. But at the same time, it also enables the support upto GB memory card and itit can be inserted in the memory card slot. The camera is . MP quality, just enough to give you good results while in the sun of fast light locations with autofocus and check quality features. The processing is alsoalso good with MB RAM that is enough to make your processing speedy.
If you are in the meeting, this mobile phone supports vibration mode unlike this option is missing in many other touch screen mobile phones. You can also set the beautiful by default ring tones as your caller tone and download the favorite MP ring tones and make them your by default ring tone. The downloading is backed by the G and G internet features that makes this phone special one for the internet users as the screen is also . inches long. You can also run your internet using Wi-Fi option as well. Other features include high quality FM Radio, MP / WAV / WMA player, document Viewer, HTML, Voice Recorder, etc.

Go hurry and bring your LG P and enjoy the beginning experience with this lovely introduced mobile phone and enjoy clear call sound and here you go the SMS and Emails on your finger tips due to good quality QWERTY touch key pad.

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