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Lg Optimus Black

Lg Optimus Black
LG always lead the market with its innovations and ideas taking physical appearance have won hearts of its customers. The LG Optimus Black edition is one of its achievements. This smartphone claims to be the first phone with front camera though, it was only 2 MP camera but was the first of its nature and the back camera is 5 MP with powerful photo results. You can also record your movies and never miss any beautiful moment of life with this smartphone. This phone also provides LED flesh light and autofocus features that makes your photos more perfect. It is also energy efficient as it uses NOVA display in its screen. This technology is meant to consume less energy and thereof, the battery remains less consumed for more hours of usage. It is best smart phone for the beginners and includes all the important features that a smart phone should have in it.

Lg Optimus Black - 1The latest version was introduced in January 2013 with latest Android version 4.0.4 Ice cream Sandwich with 1 GHz processor Cortex-A8 and 512 MB RAM. These features are amazing and quality research by the LG Electronics. The processing of any operation is uninterrupted and it never gets hanged while running any installed program or web browsing. You can also use the internet through Wi-Fi connections and hotspot option give you access to all web sites.

The battery is 1500 mAh with long lasting ability and you can even take your LG Optimus without fear of battery loss. Talk to your friends and family for long hours and even chat live on Skype suing the front camera.
The price of this slim and smart touch phone is cheaper and the quality is high. The touch system gives you’re the experience of touch like never before and compatible to many other smart phone manufacturers. LG Optimus Black is the best choice for people who want to enjoy the smart phones with all basics but with eye touching graphics and themes. The FM radio, SMS, Emails, MMS, etc are so fast and clear sound is even more appealing for the customers.




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