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LG optimus 2x mobile phone

Welcome to the world of LG- where life remains good.

Today i present to you another set of mobile device that would rock your world.

This phone

What I have for you is a fine mobile device with the nickname ‘LG star’.
LG optimus x2 flagged off as the first phone to ever come with dual-core processors in the world.

The phone was announced on 10th December 2010 and was set free to the market on February the following year.

Quick review

There is one thing that sets this phone apart from its rivals, even from looking at it.

At the back cover sticks a kind of metallic stripe that started from the camera area, coming down some centimeters away from the bottom.

Lg Optimus 2X - 1
Lg Optimus 2X

This Guinness world book of record holder came fully prepared for the competition with some attraction.
Looking at the front of the phone, at the top end, are the earpiece speaker, sensors and the 1.3 front camera for your selfies, I know you like it.

This phone comes with an average 4inch capacitive multi-touch screen.

And below the screen is the touch sensitive 4 buttons in a row that are for option, home, back and search.

At the top-edge is the standard audio jack, HTML out port and the power/standby button.
The bottom edge houses the stereo speakers on each side and the USB port sitting in between.

Then by the right side are the 2 volume buttons and nothing on the left.

Turn the phone around, on the back you have the camera and the LED flash sitting directly inline above the metal stripe.

Pro of this device

LG optimus 2x comes with some plus features like corning gorilla glass. A camera of 8mp another good feature that comes with the phone. HDMI port mentioned earlier.

Let downs

LG optimus 2x would have been great with a better screen resolution, ohw!, its only 2010 or what can I say. The major drag -down of this product is the android froyo 2.2 version. This old os is a letdown to phone of its class, well, it can’t have it all.

These are the things that made this phone optomus 2x, it features other things that are common among mobile phones

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