Looking back at LG Octane

Looking back at LG Octane

LG Octane for Verizon Wireless
Released in 2010, the LG Octane was developed as a 3G phone specifically for Verizon Wireless, replacing the LG enV3. It came along with a full QWERTY keyboard and a 3.2 MP camera, packed with a built-in flash. It also had a side-flip form factor just like its predecessor the enV3. Octane, however, was not a touch-screen phone and has since been retired.


With a 2.6 inches screen and 320×240 pixels resolution, there was not a lot to boast about in the Octane as far as its screen was concerned. It was a CDMA/EVDO phone, which essentially meant that it would not work on any GSM network worldwide, and was tied to Verizon Wireless only. Without any secondary camera, it also lacked a 3.5mm jack and instead had a 2.5mm audio jack.

Lg Octane - 1
Lg Octane

In other features, it featured only A-GPS missing advanced location services, and did not have any support for Wi-Fi or WLAN either. In terms of memory, it had a microSD card slot supporting up to 16 GB. The battery life of the phone was up to 340hours on standby and it claimed to have a talk-time of 6 hours and 30 minutes. The LG Octane was available only in Black color missing any other variants. Other standard features included media support, voice memos, and predictive text input and document viewers among others. It also lacks JAVA support, which means that you cannot play a lot of games or add custom apps to it.

Lg Octane - 2
Lg Octane

Reviews and the future

The LG Octane was a very basic phone that was launched as a CDMA device for Verizon Wireless. Nevertheless, for most customers, it got the job done but was later discontinued in the year 2012, replaced by smarter models like LG’s android smartphone range. Its lack of uniform audio jacks, radio and secondary camera were some of the reasons responsible for its low sales. In addition, the fact that it did not have a GSM variant did not let it reach a wider customer base. However, now much more advanced and better models from LG are available in every possible price and feature range!


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