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LG Display is a Korean company established in 1995 in Seoul, South Korea. The company is formed by the joint alliance of LG Electronics and Korean Electronics Company making it one of the largest producers of LCD panels in the world. The company works under LG Corporation and is an electronic industry.


LG Display is the largest LCD display panel’s producer in the world and the company has made total revenue of up to 24.7 billion USD. It has an Operating income of 362.5 billion USD and has a net income of about 222.7 billion USD. The company has 8 manufacturing plants in South Korea and is currently listed in New York Stock Exchange and South Korean Stock Exchange. The products that the company supplies are TV display, Commercial Display, Monitor Display, Notebook display, Mobile display and Auto display. Some of the technologies that it supplies are IPS, AIT, 3D and transparent flexible display. The company has almost 53,000 employees along with thousand more employees desiring to join every year.

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Borne Circumstances:

The Company has undergone fines as it was a part of the LCD price fixing scheme along with several other companies like Chimei Innolux, AU Optronics, Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. The company had to pay 400 million pounds making it the 2nd highest criminal fine that the US Justice Department Antitrust Division has ever imposed.

Sustainability, Health and Energy:

The Company has made a goal to contribute to create a better world by making a balance between economic, safety and environmental performance. The Company claims to undergo clean production, social responsibility and satisfaction of stakeholders. The LG Display has also made a policy according to which it will observe all regulations and international conventions along with measures to build a safety culture based on fundamental values and build a community based on safe working environment. The company also contributes to prevent global climate change by keeping a check on its energy use by making efforts to develop eco-friendly products and minimizing environmental hazards throughout the whole process planning, production to disposal.


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