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A LG cosmos are the slider mobile which is made by the LG Electronics. This mobile phone is accessible in both non-touch screen and touch screen model. In fact, it is also available on the Verizon wireless which was replaced by the LG cosmos 2. This phone holds 1.3 megapixels, voicemail, QWERTY keyboard, MMS and SMS messaging, media center and VZ navigator. The speed dial of the cosmos will go up to 999 entries. The phonebook helps to save 1000 contacts as well as dedicated ICE section. Additionally, you can store many details under each contact that include 5 phone numbers, one 1M screen name, one physical address, one picture ID, one group association, notes section, two email addresses and one associated ringtone.

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Lg Cosmos

Hardware and software:

The LG cosmos front side has the keypad for sending SMS and dialing. Its dimension is about 112x52x17mm (HxWxD) respectively, and with the weight of 125g. This phone features the sliding four row QWERTY keyboard, the front numeric pad along with the navigation pad. It also supports the low speed CDMA2000 and Bluetooth. The phone memory is 19MB. This LG cosmos contains the full duplex speaker with the external volume control. This Cosmos OS is same as Env3, LG VX5500 and ENv2. Make use of the media center to download the game.

Online Sync of contact:

This LG cosmos can also integrate with the Verizon back to manage and update the contacts. It’s possible to sync wirelessly all the address book by backup assistant automatically or manually. The information can be removed easily from the entry while syncing the phone. Some information cannot store in the backup assistant that include SMS ringer, secret, primary phone, speed dial, voice dial, picture ID, ringer, category/groups and secret.

Other features:

The LG cosmos are also relies on the infraware Polaris browser. It supports browser like CSS, AJAX, and JAVA, RSS, ECMA script and HTML. Cosmos messaging supports picture and text messaging. It includes two way messaging like QWERTY keypad messaging and regular messaging. It also contains version 2.1 Bluetooth. The camera software holds 1.3 megapixel that also supports white balance, several visual effects and night mode.

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