LG Cookie Series to Shake Indian Market

LG Cookie Series to Shake Indian Market

Eyes on Indian Land

Companies have been targeting the Indian market seeing the opportunities, primarily in the form of market share. Chinese and Korean vendors have started to put their feet as early as possible to be crowned as the largest companies trading on the Indian land. Thereby, companies havehave been producing low budget phones seeing the share of those who are not able to own a smartphone.

LG Cookie Series

LG announced their LG cookie series in the year of , with an aim to capture a largelarge share in the lower priced segment. The initial move was made by releasing smartphones, namely the T- , GS and LG Cookie Fresh. All were feature phones , meaning they all rocked somewhat trimmed down versions of smartphone featuresfeatures such as internet accessibility, microSD Card expansion and more of good stuff.

Seeing the success of mobile phone in early stages, the company has been increasing the production of devices, and adding a few more to the LG CookieCookie series. The list now includes KP / / , T and T .

The price was set between Indian Rupees to Indian Rupees, which proves to be a bang for the buck keeping in mind the features provided toto the user. The phones were touch screen, and therefore had attracted many new customers.

Some features of LG Cookie Series

Below mentioned are some features extracted from feature phones falling under LG Cookie series.

Touch Screen: Most ofof the mobile phones under Cookie series were touch enabled, unlike other phone that featured only keypad or so called button system. As an added bonus, the screen supported handwriting recognition so one will be able to enter text by swirling.

Camera: Almost every phone in the LG Cookie series rocket a camera, not VGA but up to . MP Video recording capabilities were also built into the system.

MicroSD Card Expansion: The internal storage was around MB, which was expandable by inserting a MicroSD card. Cards up to GB are supported.

Contact Storage: A user will be able to store up to contacts in the phone memory, which is by far exceeds every other competitor s capability.

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