LG G4 Cell Phone

LG G4 Cell Phone

On selling your LG cell phone, there are chances of finding offers for a variety of mobiles across carriers, ranging from the largest networks such as Sprint, AT amp T, T-Mobile and Verizon to the cell phones that are factory unlocked. In case you re using another carrier, like CellularCellular and MetroPCS, your device will be categorized in the Other Carries category. Factory unlocked LG cell phones are usually not attached to any carrier category and can apply any services that simply uses an SIM card. After selling carrier-independentcarrier-independent LG cell phones, the device can be found in Factory Unlocked category. An example of the LG cell phone is the LG G .


The LG G is the latest cell phone design from LG ElectronicsElectronics that features a cutting-edge display, comfortable and elegant design and a superior camera experience. The LG G is a must try and is available in stores. The flawless LG G literary puts the entire word at your fingertips duedue to its elegant and cutting-edge display and a superior camera performance. With the megapixels rear-facing camera, the phone gives an impressive performance even in a room with low light due to the f/ . aperture.

Camera experience

The LGLG G has a superior camera experience with high quality photos due to the eight-megapixel front-facing camera and a rear-facing camera of megapixels. It also features a f/ . aperture that provides remarkable performances even in situations of low light.light. The cell phone has a manual mode with over setting options and settings. There is an Improved Laser Auto Focus ILAF for the purposes of ready and instant moment capturing. To attain the highest image quality possible, the phone features an RAW image file capture

The Display

The LG G provides a cutting-edge display to its users. For reasons of incredible detail, the cell phone has a PPI Quad HD resolution. It also gives outstanding visual experience with its . inches IPS Quantum Display. The LG G also offers richer images due to the improvement in contrast. The display is also brightened to achieve an enhanced and quality viewing experience in different lighting circumstances.

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