LG L40 mobile device

LG L40 mobile device

Another one from LG, the l mobile phone was announced on February and was realised to market by march the same year.

This phone

As a third-generation phone in the LG L series phones, L is a solid phone and it comes with some necessary features you can go with.with. I can categorically say that this device is a low-end, yet smartphone that can serve more better as a second or alternating phone.


Sharply, LG left things to be desired for in this mobile phone but we wouldwould find out later on. This device looks so simple, and more feminine. It is very strong and feels more comfortable in the palm. With what I saw in it, and if am to be honest i will call itit an average ideal phone for smart phone newbies.

It comes with a screen of . inches which is sssmallll and features only proximity
and light sensors.

It you are one that likes snapping pictures with your mobile, ii suggest you think twice before you decide on this phone because the camera is not good for adventure.

Key features

There are quite a few and common features that are there for you in this model. The phone isis equipped with a m colours and yes a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen.

Wait a minute, look what we have here, a whooping . Bluetooth somebody this is an optimized version of Bluetooth which is great becauseonly a few mobile devicedevice can give you that.

Slacks and pitfalls

I have to mention also the downsides of this device so as to balance the equation.

This smart phone comes in a rather small dimension of . x . x . inches. that gave it the . inch screen size, and a screen resolution which is poor.

With a camera of mp and no front camera, you can understand that there is not much you can do here


Finally, l comes in android kitkat, ram, and a GHz dual dual-core processor and other insignificant features that a smart phone should come with.

Now you know what its inside the little box, always make the best of choice. If you are looking for impressive feature-drunk mobile, I suggest you check the next

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