LG is one of the popular mobile manufacturing brands and is developing mobiles since decades. The quality and the class of their mobile phones is the best and that s why the brand is hitting the markets. LG strives for customer satisfaction and the finest quality and this attribute makesmakes them different from all the other brands.

LG is one of the discontinued products from LG. LG had many mobile phones under its name including LG ce and LG optimus etc. These phones were the top quality phones ofof their time.

LG :

This was a traditional phone with all the latest technologies and specification of that time. It has a hard keyboard with a small screen. It was one of the best methods to communicate with youryour friends and family and to stay in touch with your loved ones. A slider phone in this model was also available which added some additional benefits. It had a bit bigger screen. The keypad was the same traditional tt keypad. Color screen and FM radio was also available in these models. They had a large battery and had a talk time of more than hours. Standby time was more than a couple of days./lg- - .jpg" rel "attachment wp-att- ">

This phones latest model had a touch screen and an android operating system. Camera result was awesome and the whole look was simply stunning. This phone is not as old as the above mentioned one. It was discontinued in or so. It was a comfortable and light weight phone with all the facilities of Bluetooth, mp , social media, mail wizards etc. The unique look at the astonishing features made many people fall in love with this phone all across the world. A minor problem that these phones faced was resetting. Many people find it difficult to reset this phone.


Overall these phones were one of the best phones of their time. Although these phones were not extra ordinary but they were one of the finest ones of their era. People who used these phones will never forget it.

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