LG LED TVs- are they the best choice?

Does LG have what you need
Every TV maker out there has had a product range that has evolved from the conventional CRT TVs to LCDs and finally to LEDs and OLEDs, which most of us use these days. Now that plasma TVs are no more and buyingbuying an OLED still requires you to shell out quite the amount, which means that an LED TV is probably your best option right now. At present, LG is one of the most popular TV manufacturers out there, and ifif you are looking to get an LED TV LG now, then read on to know what this product lineup has in store for you.

The LG LED TV Range

While LG may have launched a host of smart TVsTVs recently, their conventional range continues to sell like hot cakes. LG TVs use IPS panels, which may offer a picture quality that is not too far away from its competitors, but they still offer an excellent viewing angle, butbut a reduced contrast ratio. LG s entry level TVs like the LF do not come with any special add-ons like D or apps, and offer the same picture quality as other models like the LF .

If you areare looking to get a TV with smart capabilities, then the LF is where you should begin your search. It comes with built-in smart capabilities but lacks WebOS features. If you are looking for something that will cost you lessless than the usual, then you can also go in for the LF , which is a VA panel TV, but it comes with a poor viewing angle and great contrast. It lacks smart TV capabilities, but it should just get the job done for you.

The Verdict

As far as LED TVs by LG go, you can surely get a decent product to match your requirements, though it may not be the best in the market. While the entry level TVs that LG offers are decent enough, it would be wise of you to do a little research before you invest in a high-end LED by LG in order to get the maximum out of your money s worth.

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