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New generation radios

The JVC radios have fully embraced the new technology; apart from being unique, they have features that are of high quality; they are variable types in the market all you have to do is to select the type that will interest you.


It is one of a kind in that it features an interesting system used for navigation, the on board flash memory is a port that can easily connect to memory drives, digital audio players and other smart electronics that require a USB port. When it comes to sensitivity, it is also on point because it uses the WAAS capable GPS that is known to be very extreme when it comes to connection. It has multiple

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Jvc Radio

search foundations; you can therefore search whatever you need by:

• Favorites

• The assistant POI

• Zip code

• Previous

• Coordinates

It also has the Dolby tuning system and it is compatible with several play systems and has variable color illumination system.

The KD-HDR40

It is a simple but unique java radio in that it is a simple CD receiver but it also has an in built radio. It also has other features that make it sophisticated:

• It has a multi bit DAC that is of the advanced level

• It is Bluetooth enabled and also has wireless capabilities

• It is also compatible with most of the CD tags

• It has a front AUX that acts as its input leveler


It is an exclusive radio because it uses the most advanced technological forms. Its detachable panel monitor is bog about 6.1 inches. It also has a mounting port that connects other devices without any difficulties. Its programming system is ultra-clear because it connects to most of channels without any difficulties.

Here are some of its exclusive features:

• Wide coverage

• It has a very high sensory system

• Three way compatibility abilities

• It has a touch panel that works once it senses navigation

• It also has a face panel that is detachable

How will you feel if you have a radio that can take shots? Yes, this radio has a rear view camera giving you all the pleasures that you need.

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