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Amazing Double Din

JVC double dins are one of the best receivers in that they have been made using the best technological aspects. They are also affordable and there are multiple of them that you can select from the market.

The KW-R710 model

It is a double din in dash receiver that can use either CD or USB because it has both of these specifications. It s capabilities are amazing because of the features that it has:

Jvc Double Din - 1
Jvc Double Din

• You can playback all the music that you love by using the USB which is Android enabled.
Therefore, if you have an android enabled phone you can enjoy using the double din. Check best prices and reviews about .

• It has a MOS-FET system that is very sensitive because of a high power rate of 50W; with this extent, you can use the receiver nonstop for a couple of hours.

• It is Bluetooth enabled; this is an additional advantage especially if your phone is Bluetooth enabled. You can transfer music files from your cell phone to the receiver which is an interesting experience.

• You can also use the double din to control other devices because of its enabled features.

The KW-R10BT Double Din

It is a Din that is Bluetooth enabled and has a CD and USB receiver. Apart from these amazing features, it has an in built system that gives it additional support and ensures that is fully operational when you are using it. The dash also has a multi color variability that presets the double din accordingly. It has a feature that enables you to directly control your iPod and iPhone using only the Double bin receiver. It has a steering wheel that acts as the remote control of the entire system and its playback system is highly adaptable to different advanced technological features.

The KW-HDR81BT Double Din receiver

It utilizes the wireless technology and this makes it different from the rest of the double din. It also has features that can freely and easily connect to other devices provided that they were Bluetooth enabled. It has 24 bit DAC that improves its sensitivity and the phone book access profiles gives it the ability to connect, transfer and stream in a live form.

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