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Hotpoint Spare parts going scarce in market

The Hotpoint Electric Heating Company more widely referred to as Hotpoint or HEAC is an American and European based domestic appliance company whose ownership is split between General Electric of US and Indesit having European rights. The company was primarily established as a private enterprise in 1911 in Ontario, California and became widely known for its home appliances such as dishwashers and other products that constituted the diversified product line for the company. However, since the split of the European and U.S rights in different companies to operate, the Hotpoint Company has been facing many serious issues with the supply and distribution of the spare parts and repair services for its products to the consumers. Although Hoover Europe flourished under the banner of Indesit which was later purchased by Whirlpool Corporation, but Hoover US suffered at the hands of General Electric until Electrolux bought the General Electric rights in 2014 and is expected to sign the deal in 2015 and will allow the name of Hoover to be operational in U.S.

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Decline of company:

Hoover has been predominantly known as the company specifically for its dishwashers and tumble dryers along with washing machines, refrigerators and freezers. However, the company has been in major decline ever since the presence of new high-end competitors have shown up with their technology driven products storming the market and taking hold of the major market share ending up being a global entity making companies like Hoover to struggle for keeping hold of its market share. The further decline in the sales of the product line has led to the decline of spare part manufacturing making the Hotpoint Spare parts scarce in the local and global markets all across Europe.

Loss of potential market:

Hotpoint was only able to hold a considerable amount of market share in its dishwasher products due to previous popularity with the rest of the product line nearing its end and still struggling on a global level to get back into the top competition of products.

Current Status:

This loss of potential markets led to the decline of spare parts all across the globe further declining the sales for the company due to no repair services with spare parts available for repair and replacement.


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