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Performance at its best – Hotpoint refrigerators

Hotpoint offers varied types of refrigerators that are best for your kitchen. They provide a combination of convenience, storage, value and flexibility. Hotpoint appliances are very practically designed to suit everyone’s kitchen. They are very economically priced and adhere to the needs of all its customers.

It offers products like

• Refrigerators

• Cooking products

• Dishwashers and Disposers

• Washers and Dryers

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Hotpoint Refrigerator

There are two types of refrigerators sold by Hotpoint

 Side-by-Side- Refrigerator

 Top- Freezer Refrigerator

Features of Side by Side refrigerator

 Integrated shelf support system: It provides integrated shelf support system that ensures strength, durability and flexible support.

 Adjustable shelves: The shelves are adjustable, slide out and spill proof. They are made from glass. The edges of these shelves are raised to help contain spills. It can hold upto 12 ounces of liquid to ease cleaning.

 Multi-level drawers: The multi-level drawers provide ideal environment for storing fruits and vegetables.

 Adjustable door bins: It has additional storage for milk and other gallons size containers.

Features of top freezer refrigerators:

• Quality and dependability: It offers the best quality refrigerators to its customers. It has an overall experience of over 20 years providing efficient and professional products to its users.

• Temperature controls: It’s easy to use controls regulate the fresh food and freezer sections.

• Adjustable shelves: The racks are movable and can be adjusted as per the convenience of the users. It can fit a variety of foods.

• Fixed large door shelves: They are perfect for storing large containers in the door shelves.

• Sealed drawers with glass cover: It has an attractive design with a good appearance which can match with any kitchen style and décor.

• Optional ice maker: It is equipped with optional ice maker. One can install the ice maker easily as per their convenience and usage.

Hotpoint Services & Support

The technicians at Hotpoint service center are GE certified. They are available 24 hours 7 days a week. They are highly experienced and trained technicians that can solve all your Hotpoint appliance related issues. One can also register their product online to arrange a service you need. They have all the refrigerator accessories and repair parts available at their end to provide excellent service to their customers.

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