Get great cleaning for your clothes with Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine

Hotpoint is a year old company which was established by Earl Richardson who was a plant superintendent in California. He made a small, lightweight iron and patented it in . This was named Hotpoint. Hotpoint was the first one to introduce many of the electronic products to the big worldworld of electronics like, enameled electric appliances, clothes dryer without moisture, refrigerator on wheels, low-speed agitator containing clothes washer. These were few of their early age products for the world of electronics. They have been continuously growing and innovating sincesince then and offer many electronic products today with great features. Amongst the various electronic products they have many models in their range of washing machines. This also includes the Hotpoint Aquarius washing machines.

Hotpoint Aquarius washing machines

Hotpoint ss Aquarius washing machines are their entry level washing machines. They are very economical as far as the price of the machines is concerned. These washing machine consist of kg to kg capacity of the drums for washing. They havehave LED displays and half loading settings. The more advanced model is named as Aquarius which consists of additional features and a kg drum size. They consist of many models with different spins with a maximum of rpm spin speeds.speeds. These are gradually getting diminished from the market with very few of them left out. They are very silent while washing and give good clean results to your dirty laundry. They take off many tough stains from different typestypes of fabrics. It can be a great washing solution with affordable price to it.

Some features of Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine

Some of the features of Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine include:

Different drum sizes

LED display of time left for wash and wash cycle stage

Various spin speeds like , and rpm

Automatic half load adjustment. This helps in conserving water as it fills the tub as per the load of laundry

Baby cycle feature

Quick wash in minute feature available

Many wash programs available

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