A guide to buying Hoover Vacuums

Hoover vacuum cleaners were the top selling products that dominated the market for several years. After some years their reputation was sidelined when the newer and more innovative Dyson vacuum cleaners hit the market. But Hoover brand has made its comeback once again and is now the best most soughtsought after vacuum cleaners in the market.

Hoover Steam Vacuums

The Hoover steam vacuums are the leading products in the market and are the best selling brand among its rivals. It features a two-tank cleaning system that enables the cleaningcleaning solution is kept away from the dirty water. Using the steam vacuums you can easily clean hardwood floors and also clean carpets. A more advanced version of the steam vacuum is the Hoover Steam Vacuum Agility range which includesincludes features like a powered hand tool for cleaning the upholstery, a heated cleaning system, a Spin Scrub system that consists of removable brushes to lift the dirt gently out from the carpets. The vacuum cleaner has an automatic detergentdetergent mixing system that makes sure whether the cleaning solution is mixed in the right proportions to achieve better cleaning results.

Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaners

A wide range of upright vacuums are manufactured by Hoover which includes both the baggedbagged as well as bag-less vacuum solutions. The Hoover Fusion Cyclonic vacuum cleaner is a bagless cleaner which removes dirt by spinning the air. Since this vacuum solution is cyclonic and bag less vacuum there will be no power loss.


The design of the bagless Hoover Z vacuum cleaner is very striking in appearance and has the flexibility of a canister. The design makes it a maintenance-free vacuum cleaner which is something nice about this product. The

vacuum cleaner features a self cleaning HEPA filter which automatically cleans itself for every seconds and hence it requires zero maintenance. You need not even replace its bags, bulbs, belts and the filters even at a later point of time. The brushes of the system feature an anti microbial coating that prevents their growth.
The Wind Tunnel is the recent model of Hoover vacuum cleaners to enter the market. Self-propelled, bagless versions of this model can be found and this system claims to clean up more dirt when compared to its rival products.

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