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Rise of Hoover Vacuum Cleaners in Europe

The Hoover Company is an American based floor care manufacturing company that was founded in 1908 in North Canton, Ohio. The company was primarily quite popular among the common mass for its product line expanding to all sorts of Vacuum Cleaners to a limit where Hoover dominated the electric Vacuum cleaner market in all of United Kingdom and many other European states. Hoover established another major base in United Kingdom and the name Hoover became the partial name of Vacuum Cleaner itself in the early and mid-20th century. Hoover was previously a part of Whirlpool Corporation unless the Hoover U.S was acquired by Techtronic Industries and the Hoover UK was sold to Candy, a company from Italy.

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Evolving with time:

Up till today, Hoover Europe stays a major player in the market of European white goods and floor care sector across many countries. Hoover U.S has not evolved much with time due to lack of potential markets and customers whereas Hoover Europe evolved a lot in the manner of Vacuum Cleaners making it to the top of the market share with its product line. Hoover Europe has evolved into a name that is quite synonymous to the vacuum cleaner industry as the enterprise owns a major market share when it comes to the competition of products in the vacuum cleaner industry. The product line has gone through many revolutions and technological advancements from time to time keeping up with technology in every manner.

Keeping up with Technology:

Hoover Europe achieved its popularity by the introduction of its product known as “The Junior”. This Vacuum cleaner was launched in the UK in 1930s and it spread over to many European states as an export product in a short time span. Hoover sold millions of The Junior products worldwide embedding the way for the next product to be popular than ever. The launch of Dirtsearcher in 1969 proved to be the milestone for the company as this model became the most popular model being sold across all European and Common Wealth countries.

Current Status:

Currently, Hoover Vacuum cleaners remain a major competitor in the vacuum cleaner industry as the name Hoover is still associated with Vacuums in all of Europe due to its popular products.

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