Cordless vacuum – An essential cleaning tool

Cordless vacuum – An essential cleaning tool

Vacuums are found in every household. They have become a very important cleaning tool. Vacuums are available in different types, sizes, features, weight etc. Vacuum are very flexible way to clean the carpets, cars, ceilings etc.

Different types of vacuum are

Cordless Vacuum
Upright Vacuum
Canister VacuumVacuum
Stick Vacuum
Hand Vacuum
Bagless Vacuum
Bagged Vacuum

Cordless vacuums are small, simple and compact that can be used to clean small areas, kitchen or living room. They can be used for a quick cleanclean up after meals or before guests turn up. They can be used to clean up the cars as well. They are flexible, smaller and lighter in weight. It runs on rechargeable power battery. They are available in full sizesize and with a hand sticks to enable cleaning of full house with ease.

Features of Hoover Cordless Vacuum

Wind tunnel technology: Hoover wind tunnel technology uses three channels of suction to lift and deep down embedded dirt.

No loss of suction: It uses cyclonic technology to capture dirt and debris for constant powerful suction.

Light weight and maneuverable: It is very light weight and portable. It can be easily moved in the house around thethe furniture, corners and other obstacles.

Warranty: Hoover offers years warranty for their cordless vacuum.

Battery: It has minutes battery power.

Filter: It has reusable easy rinse filter which can be cleaned and used again. It cancan be rinsed under running water to clean it.

Benefits of Hoover Cordless vacuum:

It offers convenience through two rechargeable powerful batteries and cordless feature for full house cleaning and multi floor cleaning.

It has the potential to deliver constant and powerful suction to clean the dirt and debris completely.
There are three channels of suction that provides complete cleaning without much effort.

It is very light weight. It weighs about lbs only.

The dirt cup is extra-large which can hold up to . liters.

It has an LED headlight which can keep your path illuminated while you clean.

It can clean stairs, vents, corners, furniture s, floor, carpets and other surfaces easily.

It contains soft bristles brush which can clean the hard surfaces gently without any damage.

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