Keep power backup with Hitachi Inverters

Keep power backup with Hitachi Inverters

Inverters are used in industries and households for uninterrupted power supply. It can be used as a backup for power supply. If fully charged it can be used for running kitchen appliances, TV, computer, lights and other electronic appliances. In companies and industries inverters can be used to run machines,machines, motors, pumps, AC s etc. Hitachi is a company supplying inverters of high performance, versatility, reliability and flexibility.

Features of Hitachi inverters

Economical: Hitachi inverters are very economical. They are reasonably priced as compared to other brands. Hitachi offersoffers quality inverters for different budgets and for all sectors.

Performance: Hitachi inverters are high on performance. They can save energy and hence reduce the electric bill and other costs.

Versatile: There are different types and models of Hitachi invertersinverters available. They are compact, economical and eco-friendly.

Advanced technology: Hitachi uses advanced technology in their inverters. Fan, pump, and conveyor applications are all of latest technology. They have built in programming functions like VT, CT, SLV control modes.


Quality Service: Hitachi has trained responsive and resourceful staff to cater to all maintenance needs of the customer. They have all the skills and knowledge about the product and possess the ability to resolve the customer queries.

Types of inverters:


There are three types of inverters

Sine wave: Normally all inverters sold in the market are of sine wave types. Sine wave inverters are more expensive since they have high power and can be used to run AC,AC, ovens, motor, microwave, bread makers etc. Sine wave inverters are the latest and advanced type of inverter.
Modified sine wave: Modified sine wave can be used to run high efficiency appliances like refrigerator, motor, pumps, fans etc. Their efficiency may be affected as some equipment s may use high power than others. It has many advantages but the biggest problem with modified sine wave is that it is noisier and rough and cannot be used for all appliances.

Square wave: It is the cheapest of all types of inverters. It can be used to run simple and small appliances. It does not have much uses and hence it is not preferred by people.

Solar Inverter:

They can be used at homes to generate power using solar energy. The solar energy collected is converted into electrical energy. Stand-alone inverters, battery backup inverters and grid tie inverters are different types of solar inverter.

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