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Hitachi is a Japanese multinational manufacturer and supplier of electronic products. It headquarters is in Chiyoda Tokyo Japan. Hitachi has diversified its operations in 11 different business sectors like information and telecommunication system, railway and urban system, printing system, data systems etc. Hitachi came into existence in the year 1910. Their first product was a 5 horsepower electric induction motor.

Products and services offered by Hitachi

Hitachi Air Conditioning - 2
Hitachi Air Conditioning

 Information and telecommunication system

 Power system

 Social Infrastructure and industrial systems

 Electronic systems and equipment’s

 Construction machinery

 High functional materials and components

 Automotive systems

 Defense systems

 Digital media and consumer products

Hitachi electronic home appliances

• Home air conditioners

• Refrigerators

• Air purifiers

• Washing machine

• Chillers


Hitachi is a reputed and trusted name for air conditioners. They offer wide range of window AC’s and split AC’s with 5 star performers.

There are two types of Air conditioner

Window air conditioner

Spilt air conditioner

Features of Hitachi Air conditioners

• Auto clean function: It is the most important feature of the air conditioners. It can automatically clean and remove the dust accumulated in the AC.

• Auto humid control: The Hitachi ACs has this intelligent feature that can adjust the temperature of the room. It also has an on/off timer that can be set to automatically switch the AC off when not required.

• Digilock: Digital lock is provided in the AC to prevent misuse by the children.
• 4 way air distribution: This is a very useful feature which ensures proper distribution of air in all directions.

• Precoated Aluminum pins: It ensures durability of the AC and prevents rusting and corrosion
• Auto power save mode: This feature saves power as it automatically adjusts the temperature with the fan speed and will maintain cooling.

• Advantages of Hitachi Air conditioner

• Cooling effectiveness: The advanced features of the AC ensure proper cooling. It provides instant cooling. It can start with high temperature and reach the desired temperature with short time.

• Power consumption: It a lot of power and electricity which in turn reduces the electric bills and saves money of the users.

• Quality: The quality of Hitachi product is excellent. It is very impressive with good finish. Hitachi never compromise on the quality and provides great products to its customer.

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