Haier – A brand for home appliances

Haier – A brand for home appliances

Haier is a Chinese multinational company manufacturing home appliances and other consumer electronic products. This company was found in the year .Intially Haier started with the manufacturing of refrigerators only. Later on Haier diversified its product line and introduced other electrical equipment s.

Some of the Haier products are asas below

Air conditioners

Mobile phones


Microwave oven

Washing machines




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Haier brand

Haier is the number one brand for homehome appliances over the last years. It is based in Qingdao in China and has regional headquarters spread over different countries like Paris, New york and Tokyo. It has many loyal and dedicated customers in various countries in Europe, AmericaAmerica and Asia. Haier is an international brand today. It focuses on providing quality products to enhance customer experience through innovation and technology.

Features of Haier and their products

Practical innovation: Haier deliver products that are creative, smart, advanced andand helpful. Innovation is the need of the time. In order to survive in this competitive market it is essential to introduce new and innovative products that are in demand from the customers. Haier provides solution to the consumer problemsproblems by introducing many smart and advanced products for their convenience and make their life easy and comfortable.

Sustainability: Haier is committed and dedicated to provide quality products and services to its customer. They take responsible decisions and introduce products that are required for the future needs of the customers.

Customer first: This company puts customer on top priority. They are in the market to serve the customers hence it puts in sincere efforts to provide complete satisfaction to their customers. They are very approachable for any issues and try to resolve them through their expert technicians.
Holistic solutions: Haier provides holistic solutions to make life easy and convenient. They do complete market research and try to understand the needs to the customer. They provide excellent customer service too for the support of their customers.

Eco friendly products: Haier offers products that are eco-friendly. They have launched a series of such products that are safe for the customer as well as the environment.

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