Samsung Galaxy Smart phones:

Samsung Galaxy Smart phones:

Galaxy Series of Samsung:
Samsung Universe stylized since Samsung UNIVERSE or perhaps SAMSUNG Galaxy is usually some Android-powered device very similar to computers, created and promoted through Samsung Electronics. The item collection involves the particular Universe series of high-end touch screen phones, the particular Universe Case series of tablets,tablets, the particular Universe Observe series of tablets and phablets while using the included style to suit yourself as well as the st type from the Universe Equipment smart watch, gear together with in the incoming devices.

Different models ofof Samsung Galaxy devices:

Each device of Samsung galaxy has a specific model number assigned to it. The model number shows its variety .It has model numbers like:

GT-N - It is model of Samsung Galaxy Note.

GT-P / ItIt is the old model number of Samsung Tab.

SM-T -/- It is the new model number assigned to Samsung Galaxy Tab.

GT-S It is the model of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

GT-S -/ SM-G /DS / SM-G /DD SM-G ItIt is the model number of Samsung Galaxy Dual Sim phone.

GT-S /GT-N /GT-P /GT-I /SM-N F/SM-T /SM-G F G/LTE Another model of Samsung Galaxy Dual Sim.

Different widgets if Samsung Galaxy:

Samsung Galaxy Note:

Samsung galaxy note is oneone of the devices of Galaxy Series. Galaxy note consist of android phones and tablets. They are touchscreen.They are actually phablets as they have both the features of phone and tablet so it makes them a hybrid of phone andand tablet assigning them the name ph-ablet . Galaxy note has following devices in its series:
Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Note , Samsung Galaxy Note , Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Galaxy A , Samsung Galaxy A , Samsung Galaxy E , Samsung Galaxy Mega, Samsung Galaxy Mega .

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone:

Samsung galaxy series also consist of smart phones which are android based and are touchscreen.Smartphones in Samsung galaxy series are:

Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S , Samsung Galaxy S , Samsung Galaxy S , Samsung Galaxy S Edge.

Samsung Galaxy Tab:

Samsung galaxy tab is also an android based device and it is touchscreen.It includes following devices:
Samsung Galaxy Tab . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab . Plus, Samsung Galaxy Tab . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite,Samsung Galaxy Tab . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab A . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab A . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro . ,Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro .

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