A ‘Snapshot’ at what the Fujifilm instax camera is all about

A ‘Snapshot’ at what the Fujifilm instax camera is all about

The film and photography market is one that is highly competitive with numerous brands competing to get ahead. In the spirit of this competition, brand products tend to come up with amazing new features to lure the consumers. One such manufacture is Fujifilm and their range of Fujifilm instax triestries to outdo competitors in more than one aspect. Does it manage to do so Read on to find out.

Products in the series.

Fujifilm really tries to make something for everyone with this series. From expert photographers to thosethose that take photos for fun, you are bound to get a piece you will like within the series. The products here will include.

The instax mini
Instax mini
Instax mini HELLO KITTY
Instax mini S
Instax mini
Instax WIDE
Instax WIDE

As you move down the line the features becomebecome more advanced and better suited for professional photographers. As well, the price will increase as you move down the series to.

The common Features.

Firstly all cameras in the series will come with a few known accessories. The packagepackage will include AA batteries, a wrist strap and carrying pouch. The more advanced ones might come with extra accessories specific to each line. The most impressive feature however is the image resolution. Even photos produced by the instax MiniMini will be impressive. Mightily impressive at that. They are crisp and filled with color. For the casual photographer, the compactness of the instax series will also wow you a lot. In particular, products higher up the series.

Comfortable design, reliable operation, a built in flash, fast film loading and development are also impressive features, some specific though, others common to the instax series of cameras by Fujifilm.

The Cost Outlay.

When compared to its competitors, its price is among the lowest. You will find that Nikon, Canon, Sony and Panasonic cameras all have much pricier cameras with more or less the same features. As a result, if looking for a camera on a budget, this would appeal too many. But even as you make the decision please note that you will probably spend more on film and accessories than the actual camera.

If you are cool with this then by all means, get yourself one and click away.

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