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Emerson Liebert- For all your Infrastructure solutions

Emerson Liebert are the leading providers of power cooling access control, infrastructure management systems, monitoring and manageability of life cycle services for information and communication technology systems. They undertake deployment of hardware and software solutions for power, thermal and infrastructure management.

Products offered by Emerson Liebert

• AC power systems: Emerson provides continuous power solutions and distribution equipment’s like desktop, workstation, server racks, network etc.

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Emerson Liebert

• Precision cooling equipment: They offer high density modular, large rooms, small rooms, telecom, industrial, heat rejection, economizer etc. as cooling equipment’s.

• Server racks and integrated cabinets: Standardized and customized integrated cabinets with facilities like air conditioning, UPS and wiring are offered by Emerson.

• Infrastructure management: This includes monitoring software, thermal management and other services.

Emerson Liebert provides support for the following

 Product documentation and downloads

 Product registration

 Battery registration

 Power Assurance package registration

 E-procurement

 Training and educational services

 Software downloads

 Multimedia portal

 Webcasts

 White papers

 Parts manuals

 Discontinued products

 Customer issue response request

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Emerson Liebert

Besides the above Emerson Liebert provides data Centre solutions for the following industry

• Healthcare: Emerson offers data Centre technology and infrastructure to keep the healthcare Centre’s running efficiently without any power or technology related problems. They offer expert solutions and support for power protection and conditioning units to using computing technology in diagnostic department.

• Manufacturing: Manufacturing industries are widely dependent on automated process which requires power. Emerson offers different cooling and power solutions besides other products such as switching control, computing boards that are required by the manufacturing units to transportation, test, measurement etc.

• Telecom: Telecom relies on service providers like Emerson to provide them with reliable communication infrastructure and networking solutions.

• Government: Government offices require power solutions and efficient infrastructure facilities to improve their visibility and control. Emerson provides them with reliable and competent data center solutions to meet their needs.

Emerson Liebert also provides application services like

 Data Centre

 Wireless access

 Hybrid energy

 Cloud

 Surge protection

Emerson has a good customer base due to its quality service and infrastructure. It has been successful in gaining the confidence of customers and building a good reputation for itself.


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