Get an exclusive television experience

Get an exclusive television experience

Do you love having a real experience when glued to your television The Emerson inch TV is the answer because it will give you all that you need.

Emerson inch TV description

The high definition television features the most exclusive and advanced features that the latest technology can offer. ItIt pictorial view is amazing and will always give you the pleasure of viewing the best. With this television, you will have the privilege of connecting up to not one, not two but three High definition devices because it featuresfeatures the best HDMI ports. Isn t this amazing It doesn t stop there, the Emerson television has several other features that will surprise and even blow off your mind.

Special features

From its name

It is evident thatthat it features a inch LED panel screen which will give you more of a real experience when you are watching your favorite film.

Perfect aspect ratio

The television has the highest aspect ratio that gives it the bestbest emersion display it has a true : ratio to be more precise which is regarded as one of the best.


It utilizes a digital tuner that is in built which is an advantage to the user becausebecause he will not have any difficulties when watching all the digital broadcasts whenever they are available.

It has HDMI inputs

With three HDMI inputs, you will be able to enjoy the HD experience at the touch of thethe remote button. It also has the cable that supports the audio and video channeling and you will be able to enjoy all its provisions.

Wall mounted

Just imagine having your television mounted on the wall it will therefore add style in your living room.

Energy saver

In spite of its exquisite features, it is designed in such a way that it utilizes minimal energy, therefore you do not have to worry about your electric bills.


It has a display menu language and the best part is that you can select from the three available languages English, Spanish and French. It has a remarkable comb filter and other additional features that give it the full definition of perfect performer.

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