Eco friendly and budget friendly Electrolux washers and dryers

Electrolux are full line manufacturer of kitchen and laundry appliances. Their designs are inspired t provide customer convenience and satisfaction. Electrolux manufactures innovative technology using the latest technology and mechanics. Their headquarters and R amp D centers are located in North America.

Electrolux appliances

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Features of Electrolux washers and dryers

Perfect steam: These washers provide perfect steam and gently penetrate the fabrics for an enhanced stain removal. Electrolux washer ventsvents from the bottom to more effective remove stains.

Expert care wash technology: It mixes the water and the detergent within no time and uses various wash motion to clean the fabrics and keep them new.

Less time:time: They provide a perfect clean within less time. It can take minutes to wash and minutes to dry.

Front load: The washers have a front load that can provide better care and deeper clean than the top loadload washers.

Compact: Electrolux washers are very compact and have the largest laundry capacity than other brands.

Global standards: The washers adhere to the global standards providing quality laundry appliances to the world s leading hotels and healthcarehealthcare institutions.

Advantages of Electrolux washers

The washer uses tumble action to wash and rinse the clothes gently. The tumble action makes the clothes fresh and last longer.

The washers are automatic that uses exactly the amount ofof water required to wash and rinse the clothes. It avoids unnecessary wastage of water.

The washer dispenser mixes the detergent, softener, and bleach and ensures safety to the clothes.

The washers save about of energy and water consumption.

The installations of these washers are very flexible and suits to every lifestyle and household.

It uses less water than other washers

Advantages of Electrolux dryers

The Electrolux dryers have the largest capacity and the fastest drying time.

They are eco-friendly and save water and energy.

They are available in vibrant colors and are very easy to use.

They provide the perfect steam that reduces wrinkles and freshens the clothes.

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