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Eco friendly and budget friendly Electrolux washers and dryers

Electrolux are full line manufacturer of kitchen and laundry appliances. Their designs are inspired t provide customer convenience and satisfaction. Electrolux manufactures innovative technology using the latest technology and mechanics. Their headquarters and R & D centers are located in North America.

Electrolux appliances

 Dishwashers
 Microwaves
 Compactor
 Washers
 Dryers
 Air cleaners
 Vacuum
 Water heaters

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Electrolux Washer And Dryer

Features of Electrolux washers and dryers

 Perfect steam: These washers provide perfect steam and gently penetrate the fabrics for an enhanced stain removal. Electrolux washer vents from the bottom to more effective remove stains.

 Expert care wash technology: It mixes the water and the detergent within no time and uses various wash motion to clean the fabrics and keep them new.

 Less time: They provide a perfect clean within less time. It can take 15 minutes to wash and 14 minutes to dry.

 Front load: The washers have a front load that can provide better care and deeper clean than the top load washers.

 Compact: Electrolux washers are very compact and have the largest laundry capacity than other brands.

 Global standards: The washers adhere to the global standards providing quality laundry appliances to the world’s leading hotels and healthcare institutions.

Advantages of Electrolux washers

• The washer uses tumble action to wash and rinse the clothes gently. The tumble action makes the clothes fresh and last longer.

• The washers are automatic that uses exactly the amount of water required to wash and rinse the clothes. It avoids unnecessary wastage of water.

• The washer dispenser mixes the detergent, softener, and bleach and ensures safety to the clothes.

• The washers save about 83% of energy and water consumption.

• The installations of these washers are very flexible and suits to every lifestyle and household.

• It uses 56% less water than other washers

Advantages of Electrolux dryers

 The Electrolux dryers have the largest capacity and the fastest drying time.

 They are eco-friendly and save water and energy.

 They are available in vibrant colors and are very easy to use.

 They provide the perfect steam that reduces wrinkles and freshens the clothes.

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