Advent of vacuum cleaners has allowed the modern day homes and offices a cleaner place. The advanced levels of cleaning which are now possible by using the vacuum cleaners were simply not possible previously. Electrolux is one of the market dominators with a wide range of vacuum cleaners available inin its product portfolio. Vacuum cleaners manufactured by Electrolux Appliances are available in many variants and can be selected according to the needs and requirements which differ from user to user. The company is rated high for excellent quality productsproducts and after sales services it offers.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

These are the most commonly used vacuum cleaners for domestic and interior spaces.spaces. Electrolux offers a wide range of canister vacuum cleaners which are suitable for various purposes. These vacuum cleaners are loaded with a storage bag to collect the dirt. These bags can be cleaned, reused or simply replaced. The toptop selling models among this type of vacuum cleaners manufactured by the company are the Ultraone Series, Jetmaxx, Access T and the UltraActive Deep Clean. These products are reported to give maximum value for money to the customers.

Cordless VacuumVacuum Cleaners

The cordless vacuum cleaners are a utility product for cleaning car interiors, domestic everyday cleaning at homes and offices. The products are modern day substitutes to the traditional canister models and are very trendy to look at. TheseThese cleaners are expensive as compared to canister models and are worth the price as they take away the wire management issues that are faced by people using the canister models.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

These vacuum cleaners are mainly used by housekeeping staff in big business areas like shopping malls or other areas with heavy footfall. These vacuum cleaners are essential to keep the busy areas in a spick and span state. The upright vacuum cleaner by Electrolux have found great acceptance and liking with the housekeeping staff in various big work places.

These are the most commonly sold varieties of vacuum cleaners by Electrolux. The company also offers centralized vacuum cleaners which can be used at micro as well as larger levels.

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