Electrolux Fridge - 3

Some Basic Attributes Electrolux Refrigerators

The Electrolux Group is a Swedish producer of home and expert apparatuses. It offers more than 40 million items to clients in 150 nations yearly. Electrolux items incorporate fridges, dishwashers, clothes washers, vacuum cleaners and cookers. It is the world’s second biggest machine maker. Established in 1910 as Elektromekaniska AB, it changed its name to Elektrolux in the wake of converging with Lux AB in 1919.

With more than 80 years of experience, the organization has a made a scope of ice chests with unparalleled style and components. The organization’s new single entryway cooler EFM3607SC is a 360L measured vertical cooler with an exquisite square line plan, stainless steel completes the process of, remarkable insides, all the more ecologically well disposed refrigerant and best-in-class vitality productivity.

Electrolux Fridge - 3
Electrolux Fridge

It Control Temperature:

It is without ice with a vitality rating of 5. Its temperature control is inside found and its gross limit is 360 liters. It utilizes one cooler 25w light. It measures 79 kilograms net. The controls are turning. Its vitality utilization every year is 403 kWh which was given a vitality rating of 5.

The Freezer:

The gross limit of the cooler compartment is 360 liters. It has a multi stream air conveyance framework. It is sans ice. It has 3 customizable glass racks and 4 cooler drawers on simple skim slide.

Different elements of the item are: professionally motivated European styling, shrouded pivots, level entryway boards, turn ice server, ice solid shape plate, ice block stockpiling receptacle, removable ice basin and scoop, movable front rollers and back rollers.

Eco Friendly in Nature:

As a naturally agreeable icebox, it utilizes R600a refrigerant which is a non-manufactured refrigerant, with a lower an Earth-wide temperature boost potential than ordinary refrigerants utilized as a part of most ice chest.
This sort gives the flexibility to blend and match with 25 conceivable cooler and cooler mixes from only 10 consummately composed models. You have a decision of 1 to 4 entryway choices and 360L with a high of 1040L limit.


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