Dishwasher – A women best friend

Dishwasher – A women best friend

Electrolux offers different kitchenware products to suit the needs of all women in the household. Their efficient and high performance product makes life easy and comfortable for the women.

Some of the kitchen appliances offered by Electrolux are as follows:

Wall ovens
Warmer DrawersDrawers

A dishwasher is an important appliance in the kitchen. It is gaining more and more popularity in today s busy world. It is the more convenient way to washwash the dishes.

Advantages of dishwashers

A dishwasher saves lot of time approximately about four hours per week.

Dishwashers are a great way to save money. They use less electricity and water. Hence they are environmental friendly too.


Dishwashers are a hygienic way to clean your utensils. It uses high temperature water that can clean the dishes thoroughly and in a hygienic way.

If modern dishwasher detergents are important for gleaming clean and sparkling dishes.dishes. They can clear food particles, oil, grease, steaks etc. with ease leaving an attractive glossy finish on the dishes.

Dishwashers are very efficient and save a lot of water during its process. Some of them can even recyclerecycle the water they use.

Dishwashers are very compact. They do the cleaning, rinsing and drying process within no time.

Features of Electrolux dishwashers

Electrolux dishwashers have this unique feature to clean thoroughly within minutes.

It hashas the drying system that can get outstanding drying results for the dishes.

It provides deep cleaning using less water and electricity

It can clean hard to wash items including glasses, dishes, plates etc.

Electrolux dishwashers are very flexible and easy to use. They come with RD rack with removable tray for easy loading and unloading of dishes.

The Soft grip racks hold dishware in place and prevent flipping giving a through clean.

It is very stylish with European design.

The dishwasher is very simple and attractive with sleek door and solid handle. The integrated controls are an added advantage of the dishwashers.

The ingenious feature makes cleaning huge amount of dishware easy and within no time.

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