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Electrolux is a well-known brand in manufacturing of home appliances. Electrolux is one of the world leader in appliances used at home and professional area. They have many numbers of products in markets worldwide. The company emphasizes on delivering top class products which are intelligently designed and have many innovativeinnovative features too. They continuously look upon the needs of the customers and strive towards achieving products that can help ease their life. They are into manufacturing of many home appliances which include kitchen needs, laundry cleaning and other smallsmall and big electronic appliances. The recent debut of laundry appliances happened in North America and was praised by many due to its sleek designs and great features.

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Electrolux- Canada

The companycompany Electrolux is headquartered in Sweden and is ranked as the second largest company for manufacturing of home appliances in the world. They sell their products in the name of many brand names including Electrolux. Electrolux Company was formed byby the merger of two different Swedish companies. The company now includes many ranges of home appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners as far as home improvement appliances are concerned. The love to vacuum campaign was initiatedinitiated by the company in during the release of Eureka Zuum vacuum cleaners in Canada. They have also shifted to its North American headquarters in . They are planning to increase their business to double in North America by by working on various collaborations and acquisitions. They are a very well-known household brand and continuously keep improving their products by adding new features and mechanics in them.

Different Brands from Electrolux

Electrolux is known to sell many products under different brand names, including their own names. These brand names are:


Vacuum cleaner brand named Beam

Premium consumer appliances named Electrolux ICON

Consumer appliances in market of Sweden by the name of Elektro Helios

American vacuum cleaner brand name Eureka

Refrigerator in many places in the brand name of Kelvinator

Vacuum cleaners in Australia named Volta

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