Kitchen Appliances by Electrolux

Kitchen Appliances by Electrolux

Electrolux is only one global organization that provides complete solution for restaurants, households and industrial kitchens. Their products account two thirds of the sale of company and represented as the most efficient energy alternatives. Electrolux groups leads in all the main categories of kitchen appliances and commands the global marketmarket share significantly.

All about Electrolux Company

For ages, Electrolux has hold its strong position in manufacturing the products like hobs, ovens and cookers and developed many new function for both professional and household that simplify cooking. It is alsoalso an only one kitchen appliances company offering a wide variety of products for consumers under the Cuisine brand, they provide complete solution for kitchen of industry and restaurant like freezers, dishwashers, ovens, cookers and dishwashers. It has a serviceservice network globally and conducts worldwide operations too.

Trend of kitchen:

In many countries, rapid change in lifestyle has also led to change in demands for different products that make life easier and cooking more healthy and safer. Cooking gourmetgourmet is increasing in countries where the economy has been matured.

Number of people was seeking for a product that prepares food quickly with excellent results. Nowadays, brands are more important and their appearance that reflects the owner s valuesvalues and personality. Similarly, the product should harmonize with other products in the kitchen as well as the home.

Both the professionals and consumers want product with low energy consumptions and water and can be recycled as well.

New collectioncollection of Kitchen Appliances by Electrolux:

Electrolux has continues to expand with kitchen appliances, the new collection of kitchen appliances include a premium range of stainless. Seamless, sleek steel design with modern and intuitive controls is quite popular. It will be sold in North America, Asia, and Europe.

The new collection includes a water kettle, a drip coffee maker, a tabletop blender, a toaster and an immersion blender. It is basically designed to match the Inspiration and Gourmet range of Electrolux kitchen appliances. In addition to the design, they have also many smart functions such as variable temperature control for the water kettle, countdown timer of the toaster and - hour auto-start for coffee maker

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