Canon Rabel T2I review

Canon Rebel T2I - 6

Canon has continued to be a high tech company worth reckoning with. They have been around for many years and have been able to capture the entire camera market with their high performance cameras. Today, Canon cameras are regarded as some of the best cameras you can have ever come across. They also compete favourably with all the high profile ...

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Canon photo printer review

Canon Photo Printer - 1

Canon’s products are usually high quality. There is barely any product by Canon which has hit the tech market and failed to impress the general members of the public. This is mainly because of Canon’s dedication to detail, performance and functionality. Canon’s products range from camera flashes to printers. They compete favorably with all the high profile tech product makers ...

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Canon 430Ex li review

Canon 430Ex Ii - 1

If you have ever come across any of the latest Canon cameras before, no doubt you will admit to the fact that they are high quality cameras that are worth their value. Of course, this is not surprising considering the fact that Canon has worked very hard to see to it that whatever they create meets the best standards. Today, ...

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Nikon SLR review

Nikon Slr - 1

Nikon has been renowned for being among the best makers of cameras. Their cameras compete favorably with most of the high profile makers of cameras that are currently available today. In particular, they are able to compete favorably with Sony and Canon two giants of the camera making industry. Every year, Nikon brings to light a new camera brand which ...

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The 60D Canon camera

60D Canon - 7

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Nikon D7000 Review - 7

Nikon D700 is a second full frame DSLR by Nikon. It was announced in 2008 and it takes D3 large FX format sensors. It is squeezed into D300 sized body. The camera is so much light and small. It is also cheaper than other cameras. All these basic things make it a perfect choice for everyone. It is an excellent ...

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Nikon P500 - 4

P500 is another camera from the famous brand Nikon. It has everything that you need. It offers a huge optical zoom. The lens gains a lot of attention at 36 x. The HD movie mode and full mode makes this camera one of the best. Features: It is a perfect camera for the advancing beginner. It is more controllable and ...

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Nikon D500 - 3

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Nikon Coolpix P500: The best of what of you get

Nikon Coolpix P500 - 4

Digital cameras are adorned for the best quality pictures. They practically captures the moments as you see through your eyes. Nikon Coolpix P500 is a worthy competitor in the market when it comes to choosing for the high end product. Nikon is a famed brand and its best known for developing cameras that simply stuns the user by its quality. ...

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Nikon D400 - 3

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