Canon Mx870 review

Canon Mx870 - 2

Canon has continued to register a great measure of success in its inkjet printer series. Ever since they launched their first inkjet printer, Canon has been living up to its promise of always bringing something better every year. Not surprising, Canon’s are printers always able to compete favorably with most of the other printers that are currently available on the ...

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Canon 60D Review - 8

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Canon G7 camera review

Canon G7 - 8

Canon’s performance on the camera market has always been associated with a lot of praise from members of the general public and the company’s competitors. This is mainly because of the numerous advantages that are associated with its products. Today, Canon’s cameras are among the bestselling cameras that the camera industry has to offer. On the other hand, they also ...

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The canon EOS 300D review

Canon 300D - 6

Canon managed to catch the entire camera market by surprise when it announced the release of the Canon EOS 300D. The device was worth $899 at the time but it was still able to attract buyers from all corners of the earth. In particular, it was quite stylish in design and boasted of a great collection of features which had ...

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Canon Mp640 - 6


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Canon D7 - 4

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How to buy the best Canon camcorder

Canon Camcorder - 1

Buying a camcorder is not one of the easiest tasks that you can ever undertake. In a world where tech products have continued to increase on the market, no doubt buying the right camcorder is the toughest task one might have to face. But, you do not have a choice but to own a camcorder of your own. Otherwise, you ...

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Canon Slr cameras advantages

Canon Slr - 3

The Canon Slr camera has been around for over 10 years. If you have never given them an eye, perhaps it is time you did so today. There are numerous reasons why this camera is definitely the best. Granted, its contemporaries such as the Canon Rabel series may actually fetch more than it and may possess a bit more advanced ...

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Canon 60 D review

Canon 60 D - 5


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Canon Rebel Xsi review

Canon Rebel Xsi - 1

Canon is always full of surprises and they never seem to run out of new ideas. Each time a new product is born, it comes with surprises of its own. It is Canon’s commitment to ensure that they continue surprising their customers from all walks of life irrespective of their country of residence. Canon replicates this principle across all its ...

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