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Canon T1I review

If you had a chance to make use of Canon’s XSI and the Canon STi cameras, no doubt you must be looking forward to what the latest T1i model has to offer. Fortunately, you have plenty to expect from this unique device. The Canon T1i model comes to dismiss the XTi and all the misery that was associated with it. Perhaps this is the last you will hear of the XTi. The new days of the T1i model are here. The camera also promises to offer great performance at a very low price compared to the contemporary designs that were brought on board during the same era. For example, the Nikon D5000 as well as the E-260 Olympus had also emerged from the shadows during the same period. Despite their compact designs and ability to offer great performance, they will still be given intense competition by this model that Canon has brought on board. It is fairly cheaper despite the fact that it promises a higher resolution along with a better autofocus and video quality.

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Canon T1I

Compared to the predecessor versions

If you compare the Canon Rebel T1i version to its predecessor versions, you will be able to notice that it comes with a body that is very identical to the most recent version the XSi. Even the weight that it comes with is also consistent with the one that the XSi comes with. However, it comes with a plastic body which is able to offer more grip compared to the previous versions of the camera. The T1i model is also more stylish in design compared to its predecessor. However, it offers a better shooting experience due to its convenient nature and comfortable external feeling.

Advantages over other products

Greater grip, buttons lie on one side and they are different in color and texture making it easy for the user to identify each button upon touch. The LCD is also quite clear and produces sharper images.

General features

There is a My menu button which enables you to alter the camera’s settings including picture and video settings. It also comes with a selectable autofocus and a 15-megapixel cmos sensor.

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