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Canon Rebel Xsi review

Canon is always full of surprises and they never seem to run out of new ideas. Each time a new product is born, it comes with surprises of its own. It is Canon’s commitment to ensure that they continue surprising their customers from all walks of life irrespective of their country of residence. Canon replicates this principle across all its products. Therefore, you can expect to see surprises in Canon’s latest cameras and printers as well. In as far as cameras are concerned, Canon worked very hard to bring to light the Canon Rabel XTI. It was a solid camera that had come to put smiles on faces of customers. But, the members of the general public were treated to a great measure of disappointment when the Canon Rabel XTI failed to impress. Canon had to act and quickly. This saw them produce the Canon Rabel XSI, which had come to wash away the misery left behind by the Canon Rabel XTI.

Canon Rebel Xsi - 1
Canon Rebel Xsi

General attributes

In general, the Canon Rebel XTI comes with a body that is less attractive compared to the ones possessed by its predecessors. Perhaps, this might put you off a bit. But, you should not worry because the camera’s high performance is definitely worth reckoning with. There are two body designs for the camera. The first is the solid black one and the other is a silver and black model. Both models have a single lens kit with specs EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS.

Advantage over other cameras

There are numerous advantages that are associated with the Canon Rebel Xsi that make it far much better than other which are currently available on the market today. It has a larger LCD display and a better layout of functions. The buttons are concentrated on the right hand side and they feel different making it more convenient for the user to press any of them when the need arises.

Other features

It also comes with the menu feature which is far more advanced than any of the ones possessed by its predecessors. You can easily switch from one setting to another without any hustle.

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