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Canon Rabel T2I review

Canon has continued to be a high tech company worth reckoning with. They have been around for many years and have been able to capture the entire camera market with their high performance cameras. Today, Canon cameras are regarded as some of the best cameras you can have ever come across. They also compete favourably with all the high profile cameras that are currently available on the market including Nikon and Sony. One of the best cameras to have ever been brought on to the market by Canon is the Canon Rabel T2I. This passage reviews this product in full. In general, the Canon Rebel T2I is a very important series to Canon and includes cameras such as the 550D, EOS and 7D. The following review focuses on the 550D camera.

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Canon Rebel T2I

General features

In general, the camera is quite elegant in all respects and is renowned for its high performance and efficiency. It comes with a weight of only 525 grams making it portable enough to carry in a pocket. The device also comes with a sensor which is only 18 megapixels. Its physical dimensions are only 130 x 97 x 76 mm; exhibiting thickness and shortness. The exterior of the camera comes with a large rubber area for providing grip. It comes with large buttons which are shaped differently for purposes of making them easy to identify. The buttons are also conveniently located to make it easy for the user to operate the camera.

Advanced features

It comes with a microphone input jack, 50 and 60 seconds fields present when shooting in the 720p and VGA modes, manual control of exposure to video also available. There is also a movie crop feature and an editing feature which enables users to remove any portion of the movie depending on their personal preferences.


It is able to autofocus during the motion irrespective of how continuous it is. The camera also comes with a remarkable ability to zoom in and out a quick pace.

Some cons

The movie crop feature is only available when shooting under the VGA resolution at standard definition[wwcAmzAffProducts asin=”B001E283UC”][/wwcAmzAffProducts]

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