Canon photo printer review

Canon photo printer review

Canon s products are usually high quality. There is barely any product by Canon which has hit the tech market and failed to impress the general members of the public. This is mainly because of Canon s dedication to detail, performance and functionality. Canon s products range from camera flashesflashes to printers. They compete favorably with all the high profile tech product makers including Sony, Samsung and the camera people Nikon. Therefore, giving their products a try is not a bad idea. Today, Canon is also a master inin the making of printers. A perfect example of a high quality Canon printer which is currently on the market today is the Canon Pima IP Wireless Inkjet Photo printer. The following full review is about the product.You can check best prices and reviews at about < -- php echo get the title -->.

General features

The printer is a colour inkjet printer which givesgives amateur photographers a chance to come up with high quality prints. It uses a total of six inks to come up with borderless prints which can be large enough to fit an area of x inches. It allows cyan,cyan, yellow, magenta and black inks along with grey inks. The printer is also compatible with all standard cartridges including the high capacity cartridges. In as far as weight is concerned, the printer weighs . pounds and comes with aa body which is . inches in width, . inches in depth and . inches high. It comes with a port for a USB and also has an inbuilt Wi-Fi system.

Advantages over other products

It comes with the free app commonly known as the Pixma Printing Solutions, which is available on Google play and Apple. The printer is perfect for the printing of photographs. Therefore, it is renowned for printing clean text. It produces prints that are very clear and sharp showing enough detail and fine texture.


If you an enthusiast of the soft touch screen features which are currently common today, you will obviously find it hard to like this printer. It is one of the few high profile printers that lack the usual soft touch screen features that most printers have.

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