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Canon Mx870 review

Canon has continued to register a great measure of success in its inkjet printer series. Ever since they launched their first inkjet printer, Canon has been living up to its promise of always bringing something better every year. Not surprising, Canon’s are printers always able to compete favorably with most of the other printers that are currently available on the market today. In particular, an example of a Canon printer series which has witnessed a great measure of success is the Pixma series. There are many printers in this series which have been able to take the printer market by storm. Major examples include the MX860, MX7600 and the MX330. Today, there is the Canon Mx870 printer which is currently sending shockwaves across the entire printer market. It is a perfect printer that is worth giving a lot of attention.

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Canon Mx870

Comparison with predecessor versions

When you compare the Canon MX870 printer with its predecessor versions, you will be able to notice a good number of similarities; especially in as far as the body design is concerned. A few other features are also consistent with the MX870. In particular, the MX870 closely resembles the Canon MX860 which was released immediately before it. The printer comes with a width measuring 18.1 inches, 16.2 inches deep and 7.8 inches high. This design comes with a dual paper feed arrangement which enables users to store two types of paper in each specific tray enabling the driver to choose the right paper size automatically.

General features

It comes with a large LCD screen measuring 2.5 inches imbedded in a tidy control panel. On the left side there is a power button and various shortcuts for copy, scanning fax and for scrolling onscreen menus. The right side is for the menu, navigation buttons, numerical keys and settings. There also a memory card button for printing and copying images directly from the memory card.


It comes with three different choices for paper input, with a 150 sheet tray being the easiest to pull out. A variety of paper sizes can be fitted into the tray depending on user preferences. This machine offers greater picture quality and high speed printing abilities.

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