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Canon Pixma MP560 review

If you are enthusiast of canon printers, no doubt you will acknowledge the fact that Canon is among the best makers of printers across the entire tech market. Despite being the major masters of camera production, Canon has also played a huge role in the making of high quality printers. Today, their printers are all over the market where they have continued to send a lot of ripples. If you are interested in buying a high quality, you should definitely look out for one of the Canon printers that are currently available on the market today. One of the major examples of the best Canon printers that are available on the market today is the Canon Pixma MP560. Here is a full review of this product that will help you establish why it is just among the best printers to have been launched today.

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Canon Mp560

General features

From the exterior of the printer, it is easy to tell that is quite stylish in all respects and offers users a chance to own an elegant printer which is associated with high performance. It is only 18 inches wide, has a depth of only 14.5 inches and a height of 6 inches. The machine comes with a highly stylish display while exhibiting a great degree of innovativeness as well. You can flip up and down the control panel and observe its beautiful LCD colors. There is a list of adjoining buttons clustered all over for convenience sake. Using these buttons, you can control the printer’s functions easily and conveniently. There is a scroll wheel which you can use to navigate over onscreen menus with ease. You can easily slot in a micro SD card, MMC, SD or Xd sticks. There is also a USB port right where you need it to be.

Pros over other printers

It comes with an auto duplexer which facilitates double sided prints. The location of the USB port is right at the bottom for easy access and convenience.

General market availability

Due to its great performance and reliability, the Canon Pixma MP560 is a great choice that most customers are willing to go for. Therefore, it is available in most of the leading stores around the world.

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