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Canon G7 camera review

Canon’s performance on the camera market has always been associated with a lot of praise from members of the general public and the company’s competitors. This is mainly because of the numerous advantages that are associated with its products. Today, Canon’s cameras are among the bestselling cameras that the camera industry has to offer. On the other hand, they also compete favorably with a number of top selling camera makers including Samsung, Nikon and Sony. An example of one of the best Canon cameras that are currently available on the market is the Canon G7 camera. This is one of the best models of cameras that Canon has to offer to the general public.


The Canon G7 camera comes with a vast collection of features that make it one of the best cameras that are currently available on the market today. To start with, it comes with a 10 megapixel CCD which has the capacity to capture a great amount of detail for each image. It also comes with a zoom feature which enables uses to magnify images up to 6x time the original size. The device is also equipped with several autofocus modes including the 9 point Ai autofocus, face priority autofocus, single point autofocus and flexi zone autofocus. For users who want to use the continuous shooting feature, they will obviously be happy with the Canon G7 camera because it allows continuous shooting in almost all modes including the sports mode. All images and videos that are capture are stored on the SD card. It also comes with an extra battery and a very powerful lithium battery.

Advantages over other products

The device is renowned for its high quality and exotic lithium batteries which are able to store a lot of power. Unlike most of the cameras that are currently today, the Canon G7 comes with a continuous shooting feature that works with all modes other than the sports mode.

Where to buy them

Due to their popularity, the Canon G7 cameras are currently available in many stores around the globe. You can buy them easily from Amazon, alibaba and eBay.

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