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Canon 7D is a name of class and quality. 1.6x, 18 megapixel, 8FPS, 19-Pt AF and HD, what else do you want. Canon 7D is all set to amaze you and give you a whole new experience of photography. It will raise the level and standard of your photography.

It is the most advanced Canon camera. It is one of the newest cameras by Canon. It is the best 1.6x DSLR. The sensor of Canon 7D is relatively smaller which doesn’t allows me to label it as the best DSLR. The cost of DSLR is much less as compared to other cameras of similar features. It gives you best cost and best results. Canon 7D is the best Canon DSLR. It has a complete new design and look unlike the traditional canon camera.

Canon 7D - 1
Canon 7D


– Magnesium alloy body
– 63 zone, 2 color Light meter
– 18 MP, 1.6x sensor
– Two axis
– 1080p HD
– 3 inch LCD monitor
– One card slot
– 5.8 x 4.4 x 2.9 inches size
– 915 grams weight


Canon 7D has the finest ergonomics. The power switch and many other options add too much ease and comfort. The cameras are very light weight. Even a baby can carry it in his hand easily. It doesn’t feels hard or something rough. The overall look and performance is up to the mark. It is just everything that you need. High quality image, better clarity and best result are what it produces. There are some things that should have been introduced such as automatic creation of folders and similar sort of little things. We hope to see these things in may be the next inventions from canon. Technical image quality, auto white balance, color rendition and autofocus features produce a high quality and clear image. The camera is best for usage in light. It even works well in dim light. The overall result is good.


According to the reviews and ratings, people simply love canon 7D. It is perfect for beginners and professionals. Overall it’s a nice choice.

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