Canon 60 D review

Canon 60 D review

Canon s cameras are recognized world over as some of the best cameras that the camera market has to offer. They also compete favorably with most of the high profile camera makers including Nikon and Sony. However, there are certain series which have invited shame and misery upon Canon. AA few series have been met with heavy criticism from some sections of the general public. Despite all this, Canon has still managed to rise up from such challenges and go on to produce high quality cameras which have impressedimpressed the general members of the public. A perfect example of a Canon camera series which has managed to keep Canon s competitors at bay is the XOD series. It has managed to continue impressing the public from the timetime of its inception to date. Canon has always made notable improvements to each new version of the XOD series. But, Canon s EOS D is a version that has come to blow the minds of photographers from all overover the world.

Comparison with previous versions

The coming of the EOS series was to put to death the XOD series and all the misery that came with it. Canon was determined to see off the XOD series because ofof its numerous pitfalls and was more than poised to replace it with a more promising series the EOS series. The D model dismisses the use of magnesium allow covers and comes with a light weight external plastic shell. However,However, it maintains the use of a top pane LCD, a higher burst rate and a rear control dial which came with the Rebel series.

What is new

The EOS D camera also comes with features not shared with other versions. For example, it comes with a vast array of color variations which can be applied to the image while using the scene modes. These views can be previewed on screen using the live window. Also, you can convert raw images into JPEG.You can Check best prices and reviews at about Canon D review.

Key features

Some of the major features that the D comes with are an MP APS-C Cmos sensor, SD card storage, video shooting in p HD quality and a fully articulated . inches screen.

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