A few of the good things you will experience with the Canon 550D

A few of the good things you will experience with the Canon 550D

Whenever photography is mentioned Canon cannot be far off. Such is their reputation and fame in producing quality cameras that amongst professional photographers and enthusiasts as well, their name precedes them. The Canon D builds upon this reputation as a quality camera and builds upon it too. Announced by CanonCanon in February and released the same month. It is part of Canon s digital SLR camera series and was released under different names in the Japan and American markets though, selling as EOS KissX in Japan and EOS RebelRebel T i in America.

Among the things you will love is its . megapixels and the awesome photos full of color you will be able to take with it. This also includes continuous shooting at . frames per second.


It is also very easy to use:

This because of its compact nature as it s a fairly small gadget. The buttons are clearly labeled out ensuring you do not mistake controls while using it. Its outer shell hashas also been reinforced with rubber which gives it a firmer grip. The fact that the camera is also compatible with all of the manufacture s line of lenses is also a plus on the usability front.

Software used.


The camera also comes with superb image processing and camera operating software. This in the name of ZoomBrowser EX. This software allows you to manage the images taken using your digital camera. In addition to these you are able toto take full advantage of the cameras in built functions. Other additional software that one can use with the camera include: PhotoStich, EOS Utility and Picture Style Editor.

There are also Optional Accessories.

These normally are a preserve of professional photographers, who want to achieve maximum utility with the gadget. To these end, such individuals will have to special order these accessories. As example, If the aim were to take even higher quality photos, one might decide to order a better lens. As specific accessories are many and differentiated rather than list them, I will refer you to their website. Or even Wikipedia as am sure it has this info.

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