Impressive features in new Canon 50D EOS

Impressive features in new Canon 50D EOS

Canon has been able to prove itself as promising camera of the century. So, it has introduced EOS D after launching D. Though external features are quite similar to that of D, but internal features are quite different. Sensors can relatively reduced noises and results in increased resolution. Controls andand buttons a have made significant change.

Structure and look:

It weights about one . pounds including card and battery. Its body is made up of magnesium alloy and improved seals can be protective layer against water and dust. Similarly,Similarly, seal can protect different connection ports, flash door and battery compartment. Frame is made of stainless steel and gives high strength. You can notice mirror box

that is made up of engineering plastic with high strength. You can easilyeasily hold it and there is no any creaking or twisting during use. It gives you ease of use and EF lens that is mounted on metal are provided with high quality lenses. Divot can improve comfort, control and easyeasy centers for handling of grip. So, you can enjoy its basic structure and handle it very well.

Impressive Displays:

Canon D has high status display which is little identical to the display of D. Almost five ISO display hashas been added so that high settings can be handled well. D icon can indicate highlight tone whose priority is too active. Status display will allow setting adjustments and overall display is quite attractive and modern. There are no longerlonger default functions and other icons have been added with perfect settings. Pixel displays are impressive with improved versions.

Varieties of Modes:

It has got various modes such as quick mode, creative mode, auto mode, face mode. It applies SLR method for flipping mirror to use autofocus sensors. But autofocus mode is little slower, but quite faster than live mode. Similarly, live mode is used for detecting contrast which when focused can change colors. You can manage focus and pictures the way you want. Auto mode with creative mode is effective functionality with various program and auto modes. You can adjust flash, picture style and resolutions. You have to take care when flash is deployed. So, this way you can capture timeless and scenic moments with the help of Canon D.

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