What’s good about Canon 400D?

What’s good about Canon 400D?

Canon D is known by different names in different countries. In North America it is referred to as Digital Rebel XTi and in Japan EOS kiss Digital X. It was introduced on th August . Its previous version was Canon EOS D.

Features of Canon D

Design: It isis the latest digital single lens reflex DSLR camera which has become more popular than D.It is designed to automatically clean the sensor every time it is switched on and off. It is very user friendly and simple to use.


Picture quality: One can click all types of photographs like portrait, landscape, night portrait, close up, auto of, flash off etc. One can be creative in using this camera and click beautiful photos that will be appreciated byby all. The picture quality is excellent with no blurred or shaky images.

Performance: The camera is known for its performance. It can take upto photographs without flash and photographs with flash when a fully charged battery is used.used. The clicks taken using this camera are clear, stunning and the colors too are bright and crisp.

Physical features: It is light in weight. It has a resolution of . Megapixel. It screen size is good too. ItIt is the most compact DSLR camera available in the market today.

Specifications of Canon D

Resolution: . MP

Screen size: . inch LCD screen

Shutter speed: Range sec to / sec and bulb

Image processor:processor: DIGIC II

Frames: Three frames per second up to Jpeg or RAW frames

Lens: EF/ EF-S lens

Flash: EX Speedlight flash

Cleaning system: Integrated sensor cleaning system

Compatible: Compactible with CompactFlash type amp

Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Advantages of Canon D

Build and handling: It is similar to Canon D but has more advanced features as compared to the latter. The rubber enables a proper finger grip reducing the possibilities of shake and also providing a better position to take the shot.

Display, screen and viewfinder: It has a . inch screen that clearly displays information related to battery, image, settings etc. The design of this model is very thoughtful and convenient for the user.

Controls: There are different modes in the camera to take the perfect click without wasting time. Auto, semi auto, manual and other modes can be used to be creative in taking picture.

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