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The canon EOS 300D review

Canon managed to catch the entire camera market by surprise when it announced the release of the Canon EOS 300D. The device was worth $899 at the time but it was still able to attract buyers from all corners of the earth. In particular, it was quite stylish in design and boasted of a great collection of features which had enabled it to capture the attention of many buyers from all walks of life. Ever since the camera was brought on board, it has been able to take the entire camera market by storm. Today, a number of Canon cameras have descended from this remarkable product. They possess some of the exact features that is product came with and have also advanced features which this camera did not come with at the time it was created. The following review considers the Canon EOS 300D in great detail.

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Canon 300D

General features

The Canon EOS 300D is a remarkable camera which sent a lot of shockwaves across the entire camera market when it first hit the scene. Canon had aimed shocking the rest of the world and the entire camera market and it succeeded out rightly. It comes with an exceedingly elegant body that is stylish in configuration and architecture. Its plastic body is also easy to handle due to its grip and convenient arrangement of buttons. The CMOS sensor has been altered to reduce costs. It comes with the EF-S lens, an autofocus mode, SD card slot, lithium battery, AV input, viewfinder and an infrared remote.

Advantage over other cameras

The device uses a pent mirror as opposed to the usual pent prism, a step aimed at reducing costs. It also comes with a sharpness and image clarity which is far much better than its predecessors. On the other hand, it also possesses picture adjustment settings that are quite convenient to handle. In addition to this, the device supports a better lens called an EF-S lens.


Due to the many advantages that come with the device, it is quite pricy. When it was first introduced on the market, it was able to fetch as much $1000.

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