Canon 1D - 3

The Canon EOS 1D Pro Camera:

Intro to EOS 1D:
Cannon 1D is often a 4-mp professional digital camera single-lens response camera unveiled in November, 2001. It turned out Canon’s primary expert-level camera created and introduced alone, the last D2000 like a collaborative hard work having Kodak. It had 1.3x scalp aspect using a CCD graphic sensor taken via Panasonic. Your camera bonds its human body pattern using the Cannon Four 35mm digital camera (with its extra battery pack grip attached).

New additions to cameras:

EOS 1D is an important state-of-the-art for any professional media and sports digicam following its precursors, the Canon DCS line and EOS D2000, it is usually received in market and is been recently manufactured in the co-

operation along with Kodak. They also function as video cameras, the 1D received quicker image digesting swiftness, much solution excessive ISO speeds, real-time JPEG development, and it also can blast at 8 fps, a thing that was then useless in the area involving unwanted cameras.

Important Features:

It has a CCD device in place of CMOS device. The Canon DSLR (film or digital) has an image X-sync quickness of like 1/500 per second and shutter speed exceeding 1/16000 per second .They can be connected with a personal computer by using a data cable which might slow up the rate of transfer. It did not have any image magnifying feature in camera.

This camera had a built-in microphone in it to record audio while recording video. Earlier camera also had that feature. This feature kept coming in the next prototypes. It was also made a part of 5D series camera; 5D MarkII and this feature is only used in video recording type as mentioned earlier. Also, and this camera had an excellent and well equipped white balance feature and sensor. This was included earlier in the D2000.

It was the first professional DSLR of its kind which had a pretty large storage as compared to other cameras. It could hold 10,000 images. Then this feature was set as a standard in all canon products and became a hallmark of canon products.

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