Bosch becomes the lead manufacturer of Tassimo Machines

Bosch becomes the lead manufacturer of Tassimo Machines

The Tassimo Hot Beverage System is a subsidiary of Mondelez International previously known as Kraft Foods. It is a consumer single serve coffee system that prepares all sorts of one cup servings of Coffee, Tea or any sort of liquid especially those involving milk. Tassimo was primarily introduced in FranceFrance in after which it expanded across all of European countries and United States as a leading coffee maker in the market. Kraft Foods nowadays turned Mondelez International were the original developers of the Tassimo Coffee Machines which were manufacturedmanufactured by Saeco and were later distributed by Braun, a subsidiary of Procter amp Gamble P amp G .

Braun Terminates the Distribution:

In the early , during the phasing out of P amp G from the sales of BraunBraun home Appliances in majority of North America, Kraft foods were looking for a new joint venture with another company to take hold of the lead manufacturing of Tassimo machines after Braun rules out of its distribution. Kraft Foods wantedwanted to have a venture with a company responsible for both manufacturing and distribution both at a much larger scale than Saeco and Braun. Bosch saw this opportunity and tried to tie the venture with Kraft Foods for the manufacturingmanufacturing of Tassimo Machines across the globe.Check best prices and reviews about < -- php echo get the title -->.

Bosch becomes the leadlead manufacturer:

In , when Braun ruled out of the distribution of Tassimo Coffee Machines, it was announced that the new generation Tassimo Coffee Machines will be manufactured and distributed by Bosch across the globe. Simultaneously, Kraft Foods announced the growth of its Tassimo Coffee T-Disc Sales in double digits. Bosch has been the sole manufacturer of Tassimo Machines ever since up to date and has patented many new generation models of Tassimo on its behalf.

Current Status:

Currently, the launch of the T-series of Tassimo Machines by Bosch are making it big in the international market due to its T Disc growing trend. Although there was a large recall of products across all Europe in due to reports of machines bursting coffees on consumers and reports of burns because of it. Bosch Tassimo Machines still remains a popular product among the common mass.

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